This is what you get…

14993465_10154421960186141_2314643391903538893_n…when a presidential candidate spends his time excoriating the members of a whole profession. (One that’s protected in the U.S. Constitution, I might add.) This photo comes from Facebook; it’s a shot taken at a “Trump for President” event.

1. Donald Trump has had to spend virtually nothing promoting his candidacy, thanks to coverage by journalists. What’s worse is, Trump knows it. At each campaign stop, his people provide space, risers, power, and tables for journalists.

Then he comes out and calls us “The enemy” and “Our enemy.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t invite in and then accommodate my enemies when they show up. But he realizes that he’s gotten millions of dollars in free publicity from his “enemies.”

2. If that same t-shirt substituted the word “Blacks” or “Police Officers” for “Journalists” –or, really, any other group–  he’d be in serious trouble.

3. I’m willing to bet he wouldn’t like to hang the folks at Fox News Channel. What he is really saying he wants to kill the journalists with whom he does not agree.

See, that makes the sentiment even more petty.

4. There are people around the globe who wish very much that they had access to a free press. This guy would end that, presumably.

5. Finally,  if you don’t like it, don’t read/watch/listen to it.

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